Relying on Unemployment Benefits? You Need Help Finding a Job

Get Hired Fast - need help finding a jobThe national unemployment rate has fallen to 8.3 percent. And in many states across the country, it’s dipped lower than that. But if you need help finding a job, this isn’t necessarily good news. Several states, because of their dips in unemployment, are putting new limits on how many weeks job seekers can claim unemployment benefits.

This means that your unemployment benefits might be cut off sooner than you expected.

Trimming Unemployment Benefits

 For instance, Bloomberg Business Week recently reported on the state of Washington’s decision to decrease its long-term unemployment benefits by 26 weeks after April 21. The move came because the state’s unemployment rate fell to 8.2 percent in February.

This means that unemployed workers in Washington State will now receive a maximum of 26 weeks of unemployment benefits as opposed to a maximum of 52.

And the state of Washington is hardly alone. States across the country are trimming their unemployment benefits.

Finding a Job Quickly

What does this mean for you? If you’re out of work, it means that you have to determine how to get a job, and you have to do it quickly.

This doesn’t mean hounding the best job search sites that you can find. The truth is the odds that you will find your next position through an employment website are fairly low. The best way to find a new job in today’s challenging hiring environment is through networking with former co-workers, past bosses, family members, friends, and neighbors. You never know which of your acquaintances will know of a manager who is retiring, a company that is expanding, or a start-up that’s being formed.

Networking Remains the Key

If you want to gain access to jobs before they go on the employment websites, make sure to tell everyone in your business and social networks that you are looking for work. It’s the best way to have a job before your unemployment benefits disappear.

If you need help finding a job, be sure to sign up for our Get Hired Bootcamp. We can give you the tools you need to find work fast.

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