Shouting “Help me find a job?” A New Government Law Might Help

April 16, 2012

Job Hunt

Get Hired Fast - help me find a jobAre you constantly asking the world, “Help me find a job?” If so, you’re certainly not alone. Economists predicted that the nation’s unemployment rate would remain at 8.3 percent at the end of March. That simply leaves too many people out of work.

But a recent move by the federal government might actually help your efforts at completing a professional job search.

Help for Small Businesses

In early April, President Obama signed into law the Jumpstart Our Business Start-ups Act, better known as the JOBS Act. The law is a bit complicated, but what it basically does is make it easier for start-up businesses to raise the capital they need from investors. In other words, it makes it easier for entrepreneurs to create new businesses in the United States.

How does this help you if you need help finding a job? It’s simple: Small businesses and start-ups are actually the fuel that propels the nation’s economy. When small businesses are thriving, the U.S. economy is too. Unfortunately, in today’s difficult economic times, it hasn’t been easy for entrepreneurs to receive the funding they need to launch successful small businesses.

A Boost from the JOBS Act

But if these entrepreneurs receive a significant boost from the JOBS Act, it could mean more jobs available to you. Armed with a greater amount of capital, entrepreneurs can more easily start tech firms, law offices, retail establishments, restaurants, and online businesses.

And these new businesses come with new jobs. In today’s struggling economy, the more jobs available, the better. After all, when you submit your resume to hiring managers, it’s often one of hundreds. Your odds of landing a job interview increase when the number of businesses – small and large – hiring rises, too.

The Best Job Search Advice

Our best job search advice? Don’t give up on finding that perfect position in 2012. The hope is that this is just the first positive move that the government takes to help provide a boost to the country’s jobs market.

If you need help landing a new job in 2012, be sure to sign up for our Get Hired Bootcamp. The advice our professionals give can make the difference in your job search efforts this year.

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