The Best Job Search Strategies are the Old-Fashioned Ones

Finding a job remains a challenge in today’s sluggish economy. Fortunately, there are job search strategies on which you can rely on to give yourself an advantage. And even in this high-tech age, it’s the old-fashioned strategies – brushing up on your interview skills, crafting an impressive resume, and relying on your networking skills that can lead you to full-time employment this year.

Increased Competition

Hiring managers today can choose from a host of candidates for every job opening. That’s why it’s important for you to shine during your job interview. Practice answering some of the most common interview questions. You should know before an interview, for instance, what you consider your greatest strengths. You should be prepared to let interviewers know where you’d like your career to take you in five, 10 or 20 years. And you should be able to tell interviewers why you want to work at their companies.

The Right Resume

Of course, landing an interview is a bit of a triumph in itself in today’s challenging hiring environment. To even get invited to an interview, you’ll need to remember some important resume tips. Today’s hiring managers want to hire employees who will not only do their jobs well, but will help their companies earn more money. In your resume, then, you must explain how you’ve helped past employers either earn more money or slash their yearly expenses. If you found a new printer that saved your former publishing company thousands of dollars a year, include this in your resume. If your marketing campaign boosted yearly sales by 20 percent, certainly list this accomplishment. Such achievements are the ones most likely to earn you a job interview.


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Networking Skills

Finally, no job hunter today can expect to land a new position without boosting their networking skills. By talking with former co-workers, past bosses, and former college professors, job hunters might learn of a company that is losing an important executive, leaving a position open for them. By networking, job hunters ca

n learn of openings before they hit the online job boards.

These three job search strategies may seem old-fashioned, but they’re actually key for today’s most successful job seekers. It’s tempting to rely solely on electronic means – online job boards and social networking sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter—to conduct a job search today. But sometimes the old-fashioned methods are the ones that work best.

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