The Best Job Search Strategies? Old-fashioned and High-Tech Networking

Get Hired Fast - need help finding a jobWhat ranks among the best job search strategies in today’s competitive hiring market? Those job seekers who rely on a combination of old-fashioned and high-tech networking skills will have the best chance of landing new work in 2012.

It’s common knowledge that job seekers land the best positions when they rely on their networking skills to find careers in the hidden job market, those jobs that never do make it to the career sites or newspaper “help wanted” sections.

Today’s Job Seekers have an Advantage

Today, though, job seekers have an advantage. Not only can they network the old-fashioned way – by actually talking to people in person or phoning them – they can also conduct a social media job search by networking through such sites as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google +, and. This is an advantage that job hunters of just 10 years ago did not have.

Professional Job Change

Old-fashioned networking is hard work. But it is an effective way to find jobs. If you’re conducting a professional job change, one that will leave you with the best possible job, you’ll need to talk with your former bosses, past co-workers, neighbors, friends, and family members, letting all of them know that you are actively looking for new work. These people might know an executive at a company for which you’d like to work. Others might know of an opening at a firm three towns over. Still others might know of upcoming openings at their own companies and might be willing to provide you with a personal recommendation.

Social Media Networking

Then there is social media networking, the higher-tech way to spread the word that you are looking to make a job change. Through LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media sites, you can instantly let your business contacts know that you are looking for a new job. The results are often similar to more old-fashioned networking, but networking through social media sites takes far less time.

Today’s most successful job seekers know how to turn networking into employment opportunities. Don’t start your job search by scouring your local newspaper or surfing the major online job sites. Instead, call that former co-worker of yours. She just might know of an unadvertised opening in your field.

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