What are the Best Strategies to Help Me Get a Job?

Get Hired Fast - help me get a jobIf you’re like many searching for a new job today, you’re probably asking one question: “What are the best strategies to help me get a job?”

Fortunately, there are several answers to that question.

First, and most important, if you need help finding a job today, you must brush up on your networking skills. Many job hunters blanch at the thought of networking. But networking is actually a fairly easy task. It just requires you to talk with your network of business and personal associates to let them know that you’re in the job market and that you’re actively looking for work.

The Importance of Networking

There’s a reason why networking is so important. Your neighbor might know of a company two cities over that is expanding. A past boss might be willing to write you a glowing letter of recommendation. A former co-worker might clue you in on a middle manager from a rival firm who is retiring, leaving behind a position that might be perfect for you.

Without networking, you might never learn of these positions in the hidden job market.

Connecting Through Social Media

Secondly, don’t ignore social media. You might be annoyed by all the talk of Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. But using these sites to connect with business and personal contacts quickly and easily remains one of the most effective job search strategies available to you.

By logging onto Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, you can quickly inform hundreds of contacts that you are looking for work. You can also set your social media sites so that you can follow news relating to the companies for which you’d most like to work. This gives you extra knowledge that can come in handy during a job interview.

A Resume that Stands Out

Finally, it’s important to create a resume that stands out. Remember, hiring managers today are often overwhelmed with resumes from qualified candidates. If you want to set yourself apart, you’ll need to create a resume that lists your actual accomplishments while working for previous employers. If you saved your past company thousands of dollars annually by finding new, less expensive vendors, include that in your resume. If your marketing campaign led to a 35 percent increase in yearly salaries, be sure to include this information, too.

If you need job search advice, sign up for our Get Hired Bootcamp. Our career counselors can help you land that new job that you desire.

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