A Social Media Job Search Can Crack the Hidden Job Market

Finding a job today is frustrating. Every time you send your resume in response to a job opening you’re competing with dozens of equally qualified candidates. You need a new tool to boost your chances of making a professional job change this year. That’s where a social media job search comes in.

A social media job search gives you your best chance to crack the hidden job market. And that’s a very powerful tool today. If you can apply for positions in the hidden market, you’ll face far less competition.

Finding a Job in the Hidden Jobs Market

What is the hidden jobs market? This is the place for those high-end jobs that never get advertised on the online job boards, employment websites, or newspaper classified ads. Maybe a high-level manager at a financial-services firm is retiring. That opening is filled by a qualified candidate before anyone advertises it on a job search website. Maybe an executive at an engineering firm is moving to a rival. The position this executive leaves behind is never advertised on Craigslist or Monster.com.

How do you find these hidden jobs? You have to network.

The Power of Networking Skills

Get Hired Fast - social media job searchYou know the importance of networking. By having lunch with a former boss or scheduling a phone interview with a past co-worker, you can learn of job openings in your field. You can also learn about what employers are looking for from job applicants today.  You might even gain a letter of recommendation from an important business contact.

But did you know that you can network just as effectively through social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter as you can in-person or over the phone? It’s true. With social media sites, you can quickly connect to your business contacts and followers. You can, with one message, let every business contact in your social media lists know that you are hoping to make a professional job change and that you’d appreciate any leads or help that they can provide.

Social Media Networking

Upon receiving this message, some of the people in your network of contacts just might know of someone starting a new business in your field. They might know of an executive who’s taking an early retirement package. They might even know of a company that is expanding and needs to fill desks quickly. In other words, they might know of jobs in the hidden job market.

If you want to craft a social media job search that can crack this market, sign up for our Get Hired Bootcamp. Our career professionals can help you make the moves necessary to land a top job in today’s challenging economy.

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