Job Search Becoming a Favorite of Businesses School Grads job searchThe job search is quickly becoming a favored tool of business school graduates, according to a recent story by U.S. News & World Report.

The story reported that a growing number of business schools are encouraging students to sign up with early, and to quickly become active members of the site. The reason is obvious: LinkedIn, a social media site devoted to the world of business, is one of the more powerful tools that business school students and graduates can use to find a job.

LinkedIn job Searching

The U.S. News & World Report story highlighted a typical example of how LinkedIn can help business students – and anyone looking for a job, really – land new work. One business school student interviewed for the story used LinkedIn to contact an alumnus of his school whom he knew was working on the M.B.A. Leadership Development Program at Bank of America. That connection eventually led to a second connection, to another alumnus of Bank of America who ended up hiring the student for an internship at the banking giant.

The Job Offer

According to the story, by the end of the summer, the business school student received a full-time job offer to work at Bank of America.

Results like this have encouraged business schools to teach their students how to best use LinkedIn to make the connections that can ultimately make the difference in any professional job search.

This is encouraging to see. Social media sites have long been important tools for job seekers. It’s nice to see colleges not only recognizing this but encouraging their students to use these important sites for their own job search efforts.

Developing LinkedIn Relationships

Students need to remember, though, that they’ll have to develop relationships while using LinkedIn. They can’t simply ask people with whom they’ve never communicated to introduce them to someone who can offer them a job. Instead, students need to become regular users of LinkedIn, joining in the many business discussions that are held on the site. By becoming a frequent participant in these discussions, students will naturally form relationships through LinkedIn. And those relationships can pay off once students are in the job market.

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