Looking LinkedIn.com Jobs? There’s an App for That

Get Hired Fast - linkedin.com jobsAnyone searching for a job today knows how important it is to have a powerful smartphone. Through these phones, job seekers can access job search websites and apps that provide them with one more set of tools in their professional job search. Now the owners of Windows phones can also use their mobile device to hunt for LinkedIn.com jobs.

Technology website CNET recently reported on social media site LinkedIn’s newest mobile app, the Windows Phone 7.5 application.

LinkedIn’s Most Powerful Mobile Offering Yet?

This isn’t a surprising move. LinkedIn already offers apps for iPhone and Android smart phones. But the company says, and CNET reports, that the Windows Phone 7.5 application is LinkedIn’s most powerful app yet.

With this free app, Windows Phone users can find and connect with other business professionals in their fields, a must for the online networking that provides job seekers today with their hottest career leads.

The LinkedIn App

Those who need help finding a job will also be happy to know that the new LinkedIn app also provides access to a real-time update stream that provides news and information from users’ connections and groups. The app also provides those looking for employment with news about the jobs market, a search function that users can rely on to scan jobs listings and the ability to follow the news coming from companies that they specify.

In other words, the app gives users many of the same powerful functions that the traditional version of LinkedIn provides, only now the owners of Windows Phones can access these features while driving to and from job interviews, after concluding a networking lunch appointment, or while taking the train home from their current jobs.

The Growth of Mobile Phone Apps

Mobile phone applications have become a big business as a growing number of users connect to the Internet while on the go. It’s little surprise, then, that social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have developed their own powerful apps. After all, today’s job seeker needs to be constantly wired into her connections, company news, and jobs market headlines.

And being able to follow LinkedIn.com jobs while on the go? That’s an extremely powerful tool.

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