Need Help Finding a Job? Take Steps to Crack the Hidden Job Market

Get Hired Fast - need help finding a jobDo you need help finding a job? Have you run out of ideas on how to make that professional job change? Don’t give up. You simply need to know where to search for jobs today: the hidden job market.

What is the hidden job market? This is where the best-paying jobs lurk. They are the jobs that never make the online job boards. They are the ones that don’t show up in your newspaper’s classifieds section. They are the ones that you can find just one way: by networking with your circle of business acquaintances.

Cracking the Hidden Job Market

Many of the best jobs today are never advertised. They are filled through personal recommendations from one business professional to another. Say a high-profile firm wants to hire a new executive. That firm isn’t going to place an ad on Craigslist or That company, instead, is going to fill its position by turning to its trusted advisors who will recommend the right person for the job.

If you want to be considered for one of these plum positions, you’ll have to turn to networking. By talking with your former co-workers, past bosses, and local business leaders in your network, you’ll discover these hidden jobs. You might learn from a former boss, for instance, that a friend of his is looking for a new manager. This former boss might even be willing to personally recommend you for the position, something that will help you stand out among the stream of candidates vying for the position.

The Benefits of Networking

A former co-worker might know of an executive who is retiring at a rival firm. The position left behind by this retiring professional might be perfect for you. By learning about it from a business associate, you can quickly apply for the new position, before it hits the job boards, if it ever does.

Online Networking

Many job seekers recoil at the idea of networking. But networking is a key for landing the best jobs. And thanks to social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, networking is actually easier than ever.

If you need help finding a job and developing an effective networking campaign, sign up for our Get Hired Bootcamp. Our career counselors can help you land that plum job in the hidden job market.

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