Run a Job Search to Make a Professional Job Change

Get Hired Fast - job searchLooking for advice on how make the most professional job change possible? Consider running a job search.

LinkedIn offers job seekers a powerful tool in their efforts to make a professional job change. First, the site gives job hunters the opportunity to connect instantly with hundreds of business contacts. This provides a number of benefits: Job seekers can tell these contacts that they are actively looking to make a job change.

Why a Social Media Job Search Matters

Who knows? One contact might know of a company that is hiring. Another might now of a friend who is starting her own firm and is actively looking for talented employees. Another might know of a business associate who is retiring, leaving a possible empty spot for savvy job seekers.

But that’s just the beginning of how a job search can help job hunters find new work. By conducting a social media job search, job seekers can follow the companies at which they want to work. This way, they’ll receive any messages or news relating to these firms through their Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter accounts.

The Advantage

This can give job seekers an advantage during job interviews. Those job seekers who are informed regarding company news show that they care about the firms at which they might work. This will impress hiring managers.

Job hunters can also search the help-wanted listings on LinkedIn for jobs that are specific to their fields. Unlike more general online job boards, LinkedIn targets job listings to the needs of specific users. LinkedIn members, then, interested in engineering jobs won’t have to wade through countless open accounting and human-resources positions to find the right job listings for them.

Developing LinkedIn Contacts

Of course, using LinkedIn to find a job does require effort. Users must take the time to participate in discussions. They must offer useful advice to fellow members. And they must be willing to provide help to their fellow users.

Those who do this will quickly form strong online relationships at LinkedIn. And these are the relationships that will pay off when it’s time to search for a new job.

If you need job search advice, consider signing up for our Get Hired Bootcamp. We can provide you with the tips you’ll need to successfully navigate today’s challenging jobs market.

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