Struggling with Your Job Search? Try a Search for Jobs

Are you struggling with your job search? Are you in desperate need of job search advice? Maybe it’s time to search for jobs.

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Social Media Job Search

You probably know that a social media job search is a powerful tool in today’s job market. Through sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, you can instantly tell your business contacts, friends, and family members that you are looking for new work. You never know when a former co-worker will know of a company in your field that is expanding or when a past boss will be willing to introduce you to a business executive looking to grow her sales team.

But LinkedIn also provides its own online jobs section. Think of it as a much smaller, and less competitive, or Craigslist.

Best of all, the jobs that LinkedIn shows you will be jobs in or related to your field. This saves you the time of having to weed through the countless open positions that don’t match your skill set.

The Challenges of Employment Websites

The problem with employment websites is a simple one: Too many qualified individuals apply for jobs as soon as they are posted. This means that you’re competing with sometimes hundreds of skilled candidates for each open job. The avalanche of resumes can easily overwhelm hiring managers. Too often, your resume barely gets a glance, if you’re lucky, when so many other applicants are aiming for the same jobs. jobs certainly attract their fair share of applicants. But the number of resumes sent in for each job posted on the social media site is nowhere near as high as it can be for jobs posted on Monster or Craigslist. also provides you with the chance to better research those jobs for which you are applying. Maybe you found a perfect position for you. You’ve even been called in for an interview. But before you meet the company’s executives face-to-face, you want to come armed with important information about the firm. You can do this through LinkedIn. Research

Search your contacts list for anyone who works for or who has worked for the company in the past. Start an online conversation with these people. Ask them what the company looks for in employees. Ask them about the company culture and goals. Armed with this information, you can make a strong impression on the executives conducting your interview.

LinkedIn remains a valuable resource for any job seeker. If you need advice and strategies on how to get a job, be sure to sign up for our Get Hired Bootcamp. Our career counselors can help you find new work this year.

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