The Best Job Search Strategy? A LinkedIn Job Search and Traditional Networking

Finding a job today is a daunting task. The national unemployment rate remains above 8 percent. It seems as if there is literally a countless army of qualified workers are gunning for the same jobs that you want. Fortunately, there is a strategy that will boost your odds of finding new work in 2012: combining a LinkedIn job search with traditional, old-fashioned networking.

The Power of Social Media

Get Hired Fast - LinkedIn job searchYou know of LinkedIn. It’s the social media site dedicated solely to the world of business. It’s also a powerful tool for anyone trying to get a job today. Through LinkedIn, job hunters can instantly communicate with their hundreds of business contacts that they are trying to find a career. This might instantly spur a contact to let job seekers know of a company that is expanding its roster of employees or of a colleague who is retiring, leaving behind an empty position.

The Power of a LinkedIn Job Search

Through a LinkedIn job search, you can also tell ask business associates for recommendations or for their information on the companies at which you want to work. You might also chat online with your contacts about the skills and experience that employers in your field are looking for today.

But while LinkedIn is a powerful tool, it is not the only one you should tap as you look for a new job. You should also rely on traditional, old-fashioned networking skills. This means calling up old bosses and former co-workers and scheduling lunch-time meetings to see if they know of any openings in your field or if they know of any colleague starting new businesses. It means chatting up former college professors and past clients to see if they can provide you with letters of recommendation or if they can provide you with any job-hunting strategies perfect for today’s challenging business climate.

The Combination Job Search

Finding a job today requires a combination of skills and tools and this isn’t about to change any time soon. So if you’re on the hunt for a new career, tap into both the power of old-fashioned networking and the high-tech advantage of a LinkedIn job search.

If you need help formulating job search strategies in today’s competitive hiring environment, be sure to sign up for our Get Hired Bootcamp. We can provide you with the tips you need to find new work this year.

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