Uncovering the Right Job Search Strategies to Land Your Dream Job

Get Hired Fast - job search strategiesAs you search for a new job in this challenging economy, you’ll receive plenty of advice from friends, family members, and former co-workers. This is good; people need as much help as possible to successfully navigate today’s job market. But be careful; not all the job search strategies people will share with you today will work. This is a new jobs market, and the rules have changed.


Making a Professional Career Change

The best way to make a professional career change now more than ever is through networking. Networking, of course, has always been important to job seekers. But today, when hiring managers are swamped with hundreds of resumes for every job that they post online, it’s more important than ever.

Sending Resumes into the Black Hole

Consider what happens when you send in an application to a job listing you find at an employment website or in your newspaper’s classifieds section. The hiring manager in charge of sorting through resumes is overwhelmed with the response. This manager picks maybe a dozen qualified candidates from the resumes she receives. The resumes that come in after this time might end up in the trash, never even looked at.

This means one thing: Your odds of landing a job by applying to every position you see are pretty low.

However, networking can give you the edge you need to actually land your dream job this year.

Finding a Job by Networking

Consider what happens when you pick up a job lead through networking: Say you’re chatting up a former boss, one with whom you parted on good terms. You tell this boss that you’re looking to make a professional career change. The boss then remembers that a friend of his is expanding his company. He needs someone with your exact credentials. A quick phone call later, and your boss is sending you to a personal meeting with his friend.

The odds of landing that job? Significantly better.

If you’re struggling with how to get a job, maybe it’s time to shuffle your priorities. Yes, you will need to master the latest interview tips and strategies. Yes, you still need a strong resume. But the best of all the job search strategies remains networking. Master this skill and you’ll master the job search process itself.

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