Want Some Job Search Advice? Don’t Doctor Your Resume

May 21, 2012


A career search is far from an easy task today. Even though the national unemployment rate fell to 8.1 percent in April, the lowest it’s been since January of 2009, there are still far too many people out of work. And many of these people are aiming for the same jobs that interest you. It can be tempting to tweak your resume to give yourself an edge. Our job search advice? Resist this temptation.

The Temptation to Doctor a Resume

Get Hired Fast - job search adviceThe doctoring of resumes has been in the news lately thanks to the bad decision-making of Yahoo chief executive officer Scott Thompson. Thompson, Yahoo’s new CEO, lied on his resume, stating that he had a degree in computer science when the only degree he actually holds is one in accounting.

Since then, investor Dan Loeb, who, according to a recent story by Forbes, controls 5.8 percent of Yahoo through his hedge fund, has called on Yahoo to fire Thompson.

Bad News for Yahoo

This is bad timing for Yahoo. The company only hired Thompson as its Chief Executive Officer five months ago. And Thompson has been aggressive since coming over to the tech company. He spearheaded a cost-reduction effort by laying off 2,000 employees in April, a cut of 14 percent of Yahoo’s workforce.

Now, because Thompson lied on his resume, it’s uncertain how long he’ll remain at the company. In a memo to Yahoo employees, Thompson said that he is sorry that the problems with his resume have caused so many disruptions at the company. But, as Forbes reported, Thompson also said that he doesn’t plan on stepping down from his position.

The Perils of Lying on Your Resume

The Thompson scandal might be unfortunate for Yahoo, but it does provide a lesson to anyone trying to find a career in today’s challenging economy. Doctoring a resume may help you find employment. But the odds are good that your deception will be uncovered. And once it is, you can bet that your new employer will swiftly fire you. That leaves you back in the job market. It might also leave you with a damaged reputation, making your job searching efforts even more challenging.

If you need job search advice that will help you find a job without having to resort to doctoring your resume, consider signing up for our Get Hired Bootcamp. Our career pros can give you the advice you need to land your new career in 2012. And you can do it all with your real, accurate resume.

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  • Chantel

    Thompson resigned almost two weeks ago. http://www.cnbc.com/id/47423631