You’re Not the Only One Shouting, “Help Me Find a Job!”

May 25, 2012

Changing Careers, Job Hunt

Get Hired Fast -help me find a jobThink you’re the only out there shouting, “Help me find a job?” In today’s hiring market, jobs remain hard to come by. And now that election season is upon us, there’ll be a whole crop of people who were just recently gainfully employed starting their own job searches.

Just consider the staffers for Indiana Sen. Dick Lugar’s office. Lugar has held office in Indiana for 36 years. During this time, his staffers – or at least many of them – enjoyed an amazing bout of job security. But as the Politico website reported in a recent story, those days are gone.

Everyone Faces Job Insecurity Today

Staffers for politicians know that they rarely have anything approaching job security. After all, when the legislator for whom they work loses election, they’re out of a job. But for Lugar staffers, this rarely seemed like a possibility. The man, after all, served nearly four decades in office.

Out of Work for the First Time in Decades?

Things changed in early May, when Lugar lost his party’s primary to a candidate backed heavily by the Tea Party. Lugar is now out of work. And so are his staffers, who will have to polish up their own resumes as they now hunt for jobs inside and outside of Washington, D.C.

Of course, today’s current job seekers can provide Lugar’s staffers with plenty of advice on how to find a job in today’s market. They can tell them all about networking, tapping into the power of social media sites, and finding the best online employment websites.

They can also tell them of how important it is for today’s job hunters to preserver. After all, a career search in today’s economy is far from an easy task, even if you were a high-ranking staffer for a political legend.

The Job Search Odds

Lugar’s former staffers will face the same daunting odds as all job seekers today. They’ll find that they’ll need all their available tools to find a job today. And even then, the odds will, at times, seem overwhelming.

Are you still hunting for a job? Have you, like Lugar’s staffers, recently lost a job at which you’ve spent a decade or longer? Then sign up for our Get Hired Bootcamp. We’ll provide you with the job-hunting skills you need to land new employment this year.

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