A LinkedIn Job Search is Your Best Job Search Strategy

June 25, 2012

Job Hunt

Get Hired Fast - linkedin job searchWe all spend too much time on social media sites today. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest have a way of turning minutes into hours. When you’re searching for a job, wasting time on social media sites can be an especially dangerous habit. You’ll look up and find that you’ve wasted an entire day chatting with friends about pancake recipes when you should have been chatting up business associates for hot job leads.

Fortunately, there is one social media site on which you actually should spend long hours during your job search: LinkedIn. A LinkedIn job search, in fact, is an especially effective way to land new employment.

The Social Media Site with a Business Edge

There’s a major difference between LinkedIn and Facebook, Twitter, and the rest of the social media pack: LinkedIn was designed for business networking. Instead of posting about days on the beach, LinkedIn users ask questions about workplace etiquette, seek out advice on closing business deals, and, of course, share job search strategies.

This makes time spent on LinkedIn valuable time for anyone searching for a new job.

Consider this scenario: You’ve just started your job search. You need help finding a job, so you post a quick message on LinkedIn informing your business network that you’re actively looking for more work.

Using LinkedIn for Job Leads

Here’s what can happen next: One former co-worker might share with you a new online site for job listings in your field. Another might offer you advice on how to best tweak your resume so that hiring managers might actually read it.

Even better, a past boss may pass along the name of a colleague who is hiring people for his business. This boss might even be willing to recommend you personally to this colleague.

The LinkedIn Bonanza

If you’re really lucky, one of your LinkedIn contacts might be hiring for her own company. When she sees your message, she might personally ask for your resume and a cover letter. If this happens, you definitely have a leg up on the competition for landing that particular job.

So don’t forget LinkedIn when performing your job search. You never know what help this business-savvy social media site might provide.

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