Don’t Know how to Job Search? The Best Job Search Sites Won’t Help

Get Hired Fast - how to job searchYou know how challenging it is to land a job in today’s challenging hiring market. But you’re confident that with the help of the Internet and social media you’ll be able to find a career in record time. Here’s the truth, though: If you don’t know how to job search, the best job search sites in the world won’t help you even gain a job interview.

Job search sites such as, Craigslist and The Ladders have been extremely helpful to job seekers. After all, these sites list an amazing amount of job opportunities in easy-to-navigate locations.

Problem is, these job search sites are hardly a secret. Everyone who is looking for employment surfs them every day looking for jobs in their field. This means that when you send your resume to the e-mail address in one of these online job listings you’re competing with hundreds, maybe even thousands of fellow job hunters.

Your odds of even getting a hiring manager to open your e-mail message, no matter how qualified for the position you are, are pretty small.

That’s why knowing how to job search remains a key skill, even in today’s Internet age. Fortunately, by following some effective strategies, you’ll boost your odds of attracting the attention of hiring managers.

First, the best way to find a job today is through networking. You need to connect with your former bosses, co-workers, and college professors. You need to tell your neighbors, friends, and extended family members that you’re actively looking for new work.

Power Up Your Networking Skills

You never know which former co-worker knows of a colleague who’s starting her own business and is looking to hire sales people. You never know which uncle or cousin will be working at an accounting firm that needs new CPAs during tax season. And you never know which past boss will be willing to personally recommend you to a colleague who runs his own public-relations department. Simply put, when the jobs market is tight, networking is the greatest advantage that job seekers have.

Social Media Networking

Secondly, don’t forget to do at least some of your networking through social media sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. With a few simple messages like, “Hi, there. I’m looking for a new job. Anyone know of any job leads in my field,” you might receive several hot job opportunities.

Polish Your Resume

Next, update your resume. Don’t just include the places where you’ve worked. Include what you accomplished while working at these positions. If you saved your last employer $4,000 a year by finding a new outside vendor, include this in your resume. If you managed engineers that created your previous company’s hottest product, definitely include this in your resume. Hiring managers today want to know not just where you’ve worked, but what you’ve accomplished while working there.

Finding a job is no easy task today. If you need advice on how to job search, consider signing up for our Get Hired Boot Camp today. Our career counselors can give you all the information and strategies you need to run a successful job search.

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