Expect the “Help Me Find a Job” Request to become more Common

Get Hired Fast - help me find a jobFor 11 months, the national unemployment rate fell. It was a nice feeling. Unfortunately, May had to come and during that month, the country’s unemployment rate actually rose from 8.1 percent to 8.2 percent. But it was disappointing news, sending the stock market reeling to a huge drop. You can bet that a loud chorus of “Help me find a job!” rose up from the country’s unemployed.

The good news, though, is that finding a job even in today’s challenging economy is not impossible. Searching for a job does take effort and time. But with the right job search, you will find new work this year.

The key, of course, is that magical phrase: “The right job search.”

What makes a job search effective? Today, more than ever, savvy job seekers are relying on social media networking to land their new gigs.

Using LinkedIn, Facebook and the Rest

Here’s how it works: You quickly inform your network of business associates that you are out of work and looking for a new job. You can do this through any – or, preferably, all – of the big social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Simply type out your message and send it to your business contacts.

The hope is that some of the folks on your social media contacts list – maybe a former boss or a past co-worker – will be able to quickly provide you with a hot lead. Maybe your last boss knows of a colleague who is starting her own business and is currently hiring. Maybe your former co-worker knows of a fellow worker who is retiring, leaving an open job for someone with your talents.

Finding Help through Social Media

That’s the best-case scenario. But even if your initial “help me find a job” message doesn’t bring such quick results, a social media job search can still pay off. You can use LinkedIn, for instance, to follow employees and executives with the firms with which you most want to work. You can then learn valuable information about these companies’ goals and achievements. If you land an interview with one of these companies, you’ll have the inside information that might help set you apart from the rest of candidates.

You can also use social media sites to reach out directly to past bosses and co-workers. You can ask for letters of recommendation or for introductions to key figures at other companies. You can ask, too, for advice.

Social Media – Just one Part of a Successful Job Search

Of course, conducting an effective social media job search is only one part of an effective career search. You’ll still need a strong resume and you’ll still need to conduct some old-fashioned face-to-face or over-the-phone networking.

If you need help finding a job, be sure to enroll in our Get Hire Boot Camp. We can provide you with the strategies you need to land those important job interviews.

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