Help Me Get a Job … But Don’t Tell Me to Lie

June 19, 2012

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Get Hired Fast - help me get a jobHelp me get a job! That’s what you’re screaming to every business contact you meet, whether it’s a former boss during a lunch meeting or a past co-worker at your weekly softball game.

Your frustration is understandable. The hiring market today is a rough one. The national unemployment rate stubbornly remains above 8 percent. This means that companies face an avalanche of applications and resumes when they post job listings online. You’re not alone in struggling to find a new job.

But there’s one piece of advice that you should never take from any business contact, family member, or friend: You should never lie on your resume to make it easier to find a job today.

You can bet that such an action will come back to haunt you.

Accurate Resumes are Key recently ran a column focusing on how important it is for job seekers to submit resumes that are accurate. As the story says, job applicants are responsible for every bit of data that they submit to hiring managers. Job applicants who fudge their college degrees, past work experience or past accomplishments might find themselves in trouble if their discretions are discovered. You can bet that hiring managers will quickly cross such job seekers off their list of potential hires.

Resist the Temptation to Embellish Your Career Record

In a tough job market, the temptation to embellish a resume naturally increases. But succumbing to such temptation never ends well. Just look at the case of Scott Thompson, the former chief executive officer at Yahoo.

The word “former” there is important. Thompson left Yahoo in May after a Yahoo shareholder discovered that the former CEO had lied on his resume about key details of his college degree. Thompson claimed in his bio that he holds a bachelor’s degree in both Accounting and Computer Science. In reality, though, he only boasts an accounting degree.

Thompson tried to downplay the inaccuracy. But the criticism grew too strong for Yahoo to ignore.

Resume Inaccuracies Will Haunt You

The lesson here is obvious: No matter how badly you want to land new work, don’t make the mistake of lying on your resume. Doing so will almost certainly come back to haunt you.

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