Learn How to Find a Job to Shorten the 10-month Job Search

Get Hired Fast - how to find a jobIf you’ve been searching for a job, you’re probably not surprised to learn that the average job search today takes an exhausting 10 months, according to figures from the U.S. Department of Labor. That sounds intimidating, but if you know how to find a job, you can dramatically reduce the number of months you spend on your career search.

In a recent story, the Huffington Post suggests that the real key to finding a new job is to be as organized as possible. As the Post story says, people who are more organized tend to be happier and more focused. This makes sense; it’s hard to maintain a laser-sharp focus on anything if you can’t find the top of your desk through that mountain of papers.

Here are some recommendations from the Huffington Post story for staying as organized as possible as you try to find a new job.

Make Attainable Goals

First, set reasonable goals. Don’t just say that you want to find a job this year – that’s too broad. Instead, make it a goal to contact three people in your business and social network every day. Make it a goal to research specific companies through LinkedIn. Make it a goal to attend the next chamber of commerce meeting in your town and make a contact who can help you in your career search.

Tackle the Most Important Tasks First

Next, the Huffington Post suggests that you prioritize your tasks. This is especially important when you are looking for a new job. There aren’t enough hours in the day for you to apply to every open position in the market or meet every business leader in your community – that’s unrealistic.

Instead, determine which tasks are the most important to you and complete those. For instance, you might know a former co-worker who has a close connection to a business executive who is starting her own company. Your first priority, then, might be setting up a meeting with this former co-worker.

No Distractions

Finally, and equally important, it’s critical for you to eliminate the distractions that keep you from focusing on your job search. This means finding a quiet place to work, whether it be an office in your home, a quiet library, or coffee shop. The Huffington Post story also suggests that you turn off your mobile phones, tablets and other distractions so that you can truly focus on your hunt for a new career.

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