Need to Learn how to Job Search? Consider Job Search Training

June 8, 2012

Job Hunt

Get Hired Fast - how to job searchYou may have heard or read that looking for employment today is a full-time job. There’s real truth to this statement. In May, the national unemployment rate took a turn for the worse, rising slightly to 8.2 percent. This means that there is plenty of competition for every open job out there. It also means that you need to know how to job search to have any hope of even gaining an interview in your field.

One way to increase your odds of successfully finding work in today’s competitive hiring market is to sign up for job search training. Such training can provide you with the strategies you need to land a new job this year.

Here’s what you can expect when you sign up for legitimate job search training: Experienced career counselors will teach you how to use social media to find hot job leads. They’ll teach you how to network with former bosses and past co-workers to find those jobs that haven’t yet hit any employment website or newspaper classifieds section.

Boosting Your Job Search Odds

Career counselors will work with you to create a resume that promotes your work accomplishments, not just your career stops. They’ll grill you on the most common and challenging interview questions. They’ll even work with you to fashion your image so that you make an immediate positive impression when you walk in to a networking meeting or job interview.

In other words, skilled career counselors will do everything in their power to teach you how to job search in today’s tough hiring environment.

Asking the Right Career Search Questions

But before you sign up to work with a career counselor, do your research. Yes, you want to find employment quickly. But don’t be reckless when signing up for job search training. Ask the right questions to make sure that your job search counselors can actually help you in your efforts to find a new job.

First, ask any counselors that you interview what kind of training they’ve received. You want someone who’s well versed on today’s jobs market and the skills that people need to succeed in it. Secondly, make sure that you’re considering a career counselor who has several years experience. You should also work with counselors who understand your field and all of its nuances.

Get Hired Boot Camp

One good example of legitimate, useful job search training is our Get Hired Boot Camp. If you enroll in this camp, you’ll work with professional, skilled career counselors who can give you an advantage as you search for employment.

If your job search is stalled, consider signing up for one of our career boot camps today. It might be the first step to landing new work this year.

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