Networking not Your Favorite Activity? Try a Social Media Job Search

Get Hired Fast - social media job searchSavvy job seekers know that the best way to find a job today is by networking. By scheduling meetings with former bosses, calling past co-workers, and sending e-mail messages to past college professors, job seekers give themselves the best chance to uncover strong job leads. But what if the thought of networking at your town’s next chamber of commerce meeting makes you break out in a cold sweat? No problem: Do your networking through a social media job search.

Valuable Online Tools

Sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter have become valuable tools for job hunters. That’s because they give them the ability to network instantly with key business contacts. And because this networking doesn’t have to involve face-to-face meetings or long phone calls, social media networking can help even the shyest, most networking-adverse job seekers conduct a professional job search.

Not every job hunter boasts strong networking skills. Some struggle to make the small talk that is so instrumental to networking. Others hate the idea of picking up the phone and calling a former co-worker to ask if she knows of any job leads. But when making a professional job change, networking is a requirement.

Social Media Job Hunting

That’s where LinkedIn and the social media job search come in. If you’re out of work and need help finding a job, simply log into LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ and send a simple message to your business contacts. Tell them that you are looking for new work. List, too, a brief summary of your employment history and your job skills. Doing this might bring information from a past co-worker that his company is looking for new human-resources professionals. Maybe a former college professor will offer to recommend you to a hiring manager in your field. Maybe even a relative will know of someone on her block who is looking to expand her company.

Cracking the Hidden Jobs Market

Social media sites allow even the least-talented in-person networkers to find jobs in the hidden job market. So don’t delay; if you’re out of work and you need some hot leads, get on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the rest. You never know what leads you’ll uncover with a social media job search.

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