You Don’t Have to Move to Brazil. You Just Need to Learn how to Find a Job

Get Hired Fast - how to find a jobThe unemployment rate in Brazil is at an historic low, bouncing around near the six percent mark according to a recent report by CNN. The story’s opening lines encourage those who need help finding a job to move to the South American country. But don’t panic; you don’t need to flee to foreign lands to find work. You just need to know how to find a job.

The unemployment rate in the United States has fallen in recent months, but it’s still too high. This means that plenty of unemployed people here are in desperate need of job search advice.

Fortunately, there are several job search strategies that you can follow to increase your odds of finding a good job in 2012.

Networking Skills

First, it’s important to network. Networking with former bosses, past college professors, old co-workers, and even your friends and family members remains the best way to find a job. A past co-worker, for example, might know of a company that is expanding and needs to fill several vacancies. Your neighbor might have a relative who teaches at a local college and might be willing to introduce you to the college’s hiring manager giving you an edge over other applicants. Your former boss might know of a colleague who is starting her own business and needs workers with your exact skill set.

Resume Tips

Secondly, you need to boost your resume. Hiring managers today see far too many resumes for every open position. Your resume, then, needs to stick out. The best way to do this is to create a resume that lists not just your career stops, but your career achievements. Tell potential employers that you saved your last company $2,000 a year when you negotiated a new contract with an outside vendor. Tell hiring managers that you spearheaded a marketing campaign that boosted sales by 25 percent last year.

Social Media

Finally, don’t forget to tap into the power of social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. With these sites, you can instantly tell your contacts that you are looking for work. You never know when one of these online friends might be able to hook you up with a hot job lead.

There’s no embarrassment in admitting that you don’t quite know how to find a job today. The hiring environment is a difficult one, but by following the above tips, you’ll be taking the positives steps you need to find new work this year.

If you’re interested in fine-tuning your job search, sign up for our Get Hired Bootcamp today.

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