Don’t Relegate Your Search for a Job to the Online World

Get Hired Fast - search for a jobThe Internet has made it easier for job seekers to search for a job. Through sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, job hunters can instantly contact their network of business associates to ask for their help in their efforts to find a job. And the ever-growing number of employment websites provides a constant stream of online job listings for hungry job seekers.

Problem is, too many job hunters rely solely on online efforts while they are searching for a job. And this can lead to missed opportunities.

In-Person Sometimes a Necessity

An old-fashioned in-person meeting is sometimes the best way to land a job in today’s challenging hiring environment. When you schedule a face-to-face meeting with a former boss, co-worker, or college professor, you never know what hot job leads you’ll nab.

For instance, that former boss may know of a colleague who is looking for staff attorneys to fill empty spaces at her growing law firm. A past co-worker may know of a cubicle-mate who is planning to move to a new company, leaving a space open for someone with your experience level and skills. That former college professor might be able to introduce you to her best friend who just happens to be a human resources manager at a growing company in your field.

Lost in the Bustle

In contrast, your messages sent to contacts on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+ might get lost in the shuffle.

Business leaders today are inundated with requests from job seekers and former employees. It’s a tough market, and a growing number of professionals are seeking any help that they can get.

This means that even when your business associates would like to help you, they often forget to respond to your messages. E-mail inboxes, and the inboxes associated with social media sites, simply get too crowded too fast.

Brushing up on Your Networking Skills

If you want to provide your job search efforts with an old-fashioned but effective boost, brush up on your in-person networking skills. Call a former co-worker to schedule a lunch meeting. Try to get a former boss on the phone for some quick job search advice. You never know what you’ll gain from it.

If you need help in your search for a job, sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp. Our career counselors can help you land your next big position.

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