Help Me Get a Job! My Industry is Dying!

July 16, 2012

Changing Careers, Goals, Job Hunt

Get Hired Fast - help me get a jobA recent Fox News story laid out the grim statistics: One out of two college graduates under age 25 was either unemployed or underemployed last year. Unemployment among workers from the ages of 45 to 65 has hit six percent, a near record high. And individuals in this same age range take an average of a full year to find another job. It’s little wonder, then, that so many people are asking anyone they can, “Help me get a job!”

But what if you happen to work in a dying industry? Looking for employment in a field in which the jobs are drying up is an even bigger challenge. Your winning strategy? You need to take your skills and modify them so that they work in other fields.

And just as importantly, you have to convince hiring managers in these other fields that you can succeed in them, even though you’ve spent most of your life working in other industries.

Dying Fields

Research firm IBIS World recently listed its top 10 dying industries. Making the list were wired telecom providers, newspaper publishers, apparel manufacturing, mills, and manufactured home dealers.

But what if you’ve spent your entire professional life working in a field that is slowly dying? What if you’re out of work and you need to find employment, but no one in your industry is hiring?

It’s time to reinvent yourself and sell your skills to a different thriving industry.

Translating Your Skills

The skills you’ve practiced while holding on in a dying industry can benefit employers in a wide range of other fields. Say you’ve worked as a newspaper reporter but now you can’t find any jobs. Why not sell yourself to accounting firms, law offices, corporations, and other businesses in your area as a marketing consultant, blogger, and social media pro? These businesses want to spread their messages through the latest technology and with your writing and interviewing skills, not to mention your contacts, you can prove invaluable to companies hoping to curry public favor.

What if you’ve just been laid off from your apparel design job? You know that most of the jobs in your industry have disappeared overseas. But you also know that you are talented and creative. You can bring these skills to another profession.

Maybe you can earn your teaching certification. Schools across the country are now running active consumer sciences departments. And with sewing becoming a lost art, you’d be considered a prized catch by many school administrators.

The New Job Market

The jobs world has changed dramatically thanks to everything from technology to outsourcing. To succeed today, workers must adapt. They must at times reinvent themselves and take their skills to new industries – fields in which they never envisioned themselves thriving.

If your effort to find jobs isn’t paying off, consider signing up for our Get Hired Boot Camp. Our career counselors will help you develop the skills you need to succeed in today’s tough jobs market.

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