How to Find a Job in Today’s Challenging Economy

Get Hired Fast - how to find a jobThe Wall Street Journal recently ran a feature story about unemployment, and about how it remains the biggest issue in the presidential election. This isn’t surprising; far too many voters are still trying to figure out how to find a job in today’s challenging economy.

And the truth is the national employment picture simply isn’t improving quickly enough to make anyone happy. As the Wall Street Journal story says, the U.S. economy is, as Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said, “Stuck in the mud.”

That’s pretty grim stuff. There is good news, though: If you take the right steps, you will at least boost your odds of finding a job even in today’s dismal economy.


The first step in how to get a job today involves networking. This isn’t surprising. Networking with business associates, friends, and family members has long been the best way to find a job.

Maybe you’re chatting with your neighbor one day and you mention that you’re looking for a job. Your neighbor might have a sister-in-law who works in your field. This sister-in-law might be able to introduce you to a hiring manager at her company. This gives you an edge in your job hunting efforts.

Or maybe a former boss is willing to meet with you for a business lunch. This boss might know of an opening at a company in your field that hasn’t yet hit the online job boards. If this is true, you have the chance to get an interview before hundreds of other applicants overwhelm that company.

In other words, you must network if you want to find a job today.

The Right Resume

You also need a resume that sets you apart from the crowd. This means a resume filled with not just your career stops, but your career accomplishments as well.

Don’t just write where you worked and what your job duties were. Instead, write about your career success stories. Write about the marketing program you spearheaded that resulted in a big sales boost. Write about the leadership role you took when it came to hiring new employees. Write about the thousands of dollars you saved your company by recommending a new outside vendor.

These are the career highlights that can impress managers and set you apart from your competitors.

Be a Professional

Finally, don’t forget to be a professional at all times. Too often, desperate job seekers today sabotage themselves. They show up late for interviews. They don’t dress as professionally as they should. They haven’t rehearsed well-reasoned answers to the most common questions that interviewers ask.

Job seekers who do this will cost themselves the chance to end their long job search. Professionalism matters today, perhaps more than ever. With so many applicants from which to choose, there’s little reason for executives to hire those applicants who don’t convey an air of professionalism at all times.

If you need more advice on how to get a job today, be sure to sign up for our Get Hire Boot Camp today. We can give you the job search advice that you need.

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