In Challenging Economy, LinkedIn Job Search Can Give You the Edge

Get Hired Fast - linkedin job searchThe latest employment numbers released by the U.S. Department of Labor provided little hope to anyone. Employers added less than 100,000 new jobs to the U.S. economy in June, and the national unemployment rate stayed at a too-high 8.2 percent. These numbers mean that it’s still a huge challenge to find a job today. Fortunately, those considering a professional job change do have one advantage: They can conduct a LinkedIn job search.

LinkedIn, of course, is the enormously popular social media site dedicated solely to business. You won’t hear about Joe’s new pancake recipe on LinkedIn, but you might hear about job openings in a major company near you. Because of this, a LinkedIn job search needs to be a key component of your efforts to land a new job.

Making LinkedIn Connections

We all know that networking is the key to finding a new job today, especially one in the hidden job market. Jobs in this market never make the online employment sites or the newspaper classifieds sections. Companies fill them without requesting applications. They fill these positions with people whom they trust.

One way to crack the hidden job market is to build business relationships on LinkedIn.

You can add business leaders to your list of LinkedIn contacts. Then you can follow their conversations and add to them when appropriate. It’s a good way to get to know important people in the business world.

Asking for Help

Once you have enough LinkedIn contacts and once you’ve chatted with them or shared resources with them for a long enough period of time, you can ask them for help in your efforts to find a new job.

It’s quite simple, really: Contact those LinkedIn contacts with whom you’ve developed a solid relationship. Ask them if they know of any companies that are hiring. Ask them if they’d be willing to recommend you to any of their business contacts. Ask if they’d be willing to write you a personal letter of recommendation.

The Results

The results of such requests might surprise you. Most people on this site are more than happy to help their online friends and business associates succeed. One of your connections might know of a local company that is planning to add a new division. Another might know of a firm that is opening a second office. One might know of an executive who is retiring, leaving open a space for someone with your experience and talents.

Other LinkedIn contacts might connect you to a human-resources professional at a large company or a high-level manager at a nearby accounting firm. The results from this type of job search can be quite powerful.

If you need help devising a strategy to land jobs, consider signing up for our Get Hired Boot Camp. Our career counselors know how to use these social media sites to get the best possible job search results.

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