Key Job Search Advice: Rely on to Land Your Next Position

Get Hired Fast - job search adviceThe job search landscape has changed in the last decade. Today, job hunters face immense challenges when it comes to landing their next position. But they also have one extremely powerful too, too: Our job search advice? Use this social media tool to provide an instant boost to your search for jobs.

The LinkedIn Edge

LinkedIn is an important tool for anyone who is searching for a new job for one main reason: It’s a social media site that is designed specifically for the world of business.

This means that you won’t hear about Joe’s decision to buy chocolate ice cream instead of vanilla at the local grocery store. But you will read about the decision of XYZ company to open a new office in your market.

Business people – including some high-ranking ones – share stories, advice, and news all related to business on LinkedIn. If you boast enough followers, you’ll be able to gain a wealth of knowledge about the business world in just a short amount of time. This knowledge might prove useful when you’re trying to showcase yourself as a well-informed professional during a job interview.

Asking for Help

As a member of LinkedIn, you’ll also be able to instantly inform your network of business contacts that you are looking for new work. You might be surprised at the hot job leads this can bring. Maybe a former co-worker in your LinkedIn network knows of an associate who is setting out on her own and opening a new company. A former boss might be willing to personally introduce you to a high-ranking vice president at nearby firm. A past college professor might know of a company that is growing and is in desperate need of new employees.

Thanks to LinkedIn, you’ll gain access to this information – information that can help boost your search for jobs.

Job Listings

You might even find leads through jobs listings. The site will have online job listings in your field, giving you a chance to quickly scan opportunities that match your skills. You’ll still face intense competition when applying for these positions, but you might stumble upon the perfect job for you.

If you need help finding a job or mastering the art of using LinkedIn to speed your job search, sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp. Our career pros can provide you with the tips you need to succeed in today’s challenging jobs market.

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