Knowing how to Job Search Politely can Make the Difference

Get Hired Fast - how to job searchYour executive job search is going nowhere. You’ve networked. You’ve reworked your resume. You’ve even landed a few interviews. But you haven’t nabbed a single job offer. The problem might be that you don’t know how to job search politely.

You might think that experience and skills are all that matters when you are in the middle of a career and job search. But job search etiquette matters, too.

Fortunately, a recent story in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution provides plenty of tips for conducting a polite job search. And such a career search might shorten your executive job search considerably.

Don’t Forget the Handshake

The Journal-Constitution provides this simple bit of advice: Do offer your handshake to everyone you meet during the interview process. And don’t be offended if someone refuses to accept your offer. Some interviewers might refuse a handshake because of their religious or cultural views.

Pay for that Networking Lunch

If you schedule a networking lunch with past co-workers or bosses, make sure to grab the bill when it arrives. Remember, the people who attend your networking lunches are doing you a favor by giving up a portion of their day to help you in your career and job search. Think of paying the bill as an investment in your efforts to find new work.

Arrive On-Time for Your Interview

Don’t ever arrive late to an interview. But the Journal-Constitution story recommends that job seekers not arrive too early, either. Arriving more than 10 minutes early can seem pushy. It can also make interviewers nervous to know that you’re sitting in the lobby waiting for them. Yes, interviewers themselves often dislike the job-interview process, too.

Don’t Forget the Follow-Up

Managers and executives are more likely to remember the polite job seeker. That’s why it’s important for job hunters to always send “thank-you” letters to everyone who interviewed them. It’s a way to thank busy business people for taking time out of their day to meet with you. Sending these letters is also a good way for job seekers to keep their names in front of potential employers.

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