Knowing Who to Ask “Help Me Find a Job” is a Key Part of Job Search

You’ve probably read it hundreds of times during your efforts to find a new job: The best way to find jobs today is through networking. Just because you’re tired of reading this, doesn’t mean that it’s not true. Networking is, in fact, essential to anyone looking for work. And part of networking means knowing who to ask the big question: “Can you help me find a job?”

Networking is important because it gives job seekers the chance to find those jobs tucked away in the hidden jobs market, the jobs that aren’t advertised online, or in newspapers. A neighbor, for instance, might have a brother-in-law who’s expanding his small business. A former boss might know of an associate who is retiring, leaving behind a possible opening for you. Past co-workers might have head gossip about a national company expanding to your area.

So networking can provide you with a solid number of hot job leads. The question, though, is who do you ask for help in your job search efforts?

The surprising answer? Just about anybody

Business Contacts

Your network of business associates – past co-workers, former bosses, and former clients – is the first place to start when you need help finding a job. These people are the most likely to know of new job openings, retirements, and company expansions, the news you need to land a job today.

These people might also be able to provide you with invaluable job search advice and might give you tips on how to better organize your resume and answer important interview questions.

Local Business Leaders

You can get to know your local business leaders quickly by attending business-after-hours and chamber of commerce events in your community. And knowing these leaders is important. Some might be hiring for their own companies. Others might know of local businesses that are planning to expand. Others might have inside information about companies that are making deals to move into town.

This is information that others won’t have. And it can help you get a jumpstart on applying for jobs that might soon be arriving in your community.

Friends, Neighbors, Family Members

Get Hired Fast -help me find a job

You might think that your next door neighbor can offer you little in your efforts to find a job. You might assume that your cousins and sisters-in-law won’t be able to help you track down a new job. But you might be wrong.

Your relatives, friends, and neighbors know lots of people. Some of these people might even be business owners looking to add to their company roster, executives who will be willing to arrange a meeting between you and powerful business leaders, or workers at a company that you’re desperately trying to crack.

So don’t sell this last group short. They may have valuable information, too, that could help you on your efforts to find a new job.

If you need advice on how to job search, sign up for your Get Hired Boot Camp. We can help you land your next dream job.

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