Need Help on How to Job Search? Don’t Forget Your Past Employer

July 4, 2012

Changing Careers, Job Hunt

Get Hired Fast - how to job searchThe story is an all-too-familiar one. The owner of the Sparrow Point steel mill in Baltimore County laid-off hundreds of workers in June. This owner hopes to sell the plant. But if he can’t, the mill might shut down forever.

There is a lesson in this story, though. The Baltimore Sun reported that dozens of laid-off mill workers reported back to the mill late in June for a two-day resource fair. The goal of the fair is a simple one: Help the laid-off workers start their job search and apply for financial assistance from state and local sources.

The mill workers are not unusual. Many companies – both blue and white collar – offer job search training, job search advice and other resources for the employees that they’ve just laid-off.

Problem is, not enough people take advantage of these tools.

Job Search Resources

It’s not easy to find jobs today. That’s why it’s important for laid-off workers to take advantage of any job search resources that their companies offer.

Many companies offer advice on how to build a resume and prepare for job interviews. Others offer the complimentary services of job search counselors. Still others teach their laid-off workers how to apply for food stamps, unemployment insurance, and other forms of financial assistance.

Don’t Let Pride Stop You

Some laid-off workers might avoid these resources for a foolish reason: pride. They don’t want to admit to the executives who laid them off that they need help finding jobs.

This is a bad move. The national unemployment rate remains high. Qualified job seekers are still out of work. Workers who pass by any job search resource are making a serious mistake.

Start Your Job Search on a Good Note

The odds are high that your job search will be a long one today. There simply is too much competition for open jobs.

So start your job-seeking efforts the right way. Take advantage of everything that helps teach you how to job search effectively.

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