Need Help on How to Job Search? Don’t Forget Your Past Employer

July 4, 2012

Changing Careers, Job Hunt

bigstock Job Fair 10875713 300x199 Need Help on How to Job Search? Don’t Forget Your Past EmployerThe story is an all-too-familiar one. The owner of the Sparrow Point steel mill in Baltimore County laid-off hundreds of workers in June. This owner hopes to sell the plant. But if he can’t, the mill might shut down forever.

There is a lesson in this story, though. The Baltimore Sun reported that dozens of laid-off mill workers reported back to the mill late in June for a two-day resource fair. The goal of the fair is a simple one: Help the laid-off workers start their job search and apply for financial assistance from state and local sources.

The mill workers are not unusual. Many companies – both blue and white collar – offer job search training, job search advice and other resources for the employees that they’ve just laid-off.

Problem is, not enough people take advantage of these tools.

Job Search Resources

It’s not easy to find jobs today. That’s why it’s important for laid-off workers to take advantage of any job search resources that their companies offer.

Many companies offer advice on how to build a resume and prepare for job interviews. Others offer the complimentary services of job search counselors. Still others teach their laid-off workers how to apply for food stamps, unemployment insurance, and other forms of financial assistance.

Don’t Let Pride Stop You

Some laid-off workers might avoid these resources for a foolish reason: pride. They don’t want to admit to the executives who laid them off that they need help finding jobs.

This is a bad move. The national unemployment rate remains high. Qualified job seekers are still out of work. Workers who pass by any job search resource are making a serious mistake.

Start Your Job Search on a Good Note

The odds are high that your job search will be a long one today. There simply is too much competition for open jobs.

So start your job-seeking efforts the right way. Take advantage of everything that helps teach you how to job search effectively.

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