Online Job Boards – Not Always How to Find a Job Today

Get Hired Fast - how to find a jobIt’s tempting to spend most of your job search time haunting the online job boards. After all, these employment sites list new openings in your field on a daily basis. And with e-mail, it’s relatively easy to apply for these jobs. But here’s the unfortunate truth: Despite their popularity, online job boards are not always how to find a job in today’s competitive hiring environment.

Even the best job search sites face a big problem: They attract a ton of visitors. And many of these visitors are every bit as qualified as you are for the jobs that they list. This means that every time an online job board posts a job opening, the companies behind these openings are flooded with applications and resumes.

Your application, no matter how talented you may be or how qualified you are for the open job, is likely to get lost in the shuffle.

Fortunately, there’s a better way find a job today: networking.

Brush Up on Your Networking Skills

You want to find those job openings that aren’t listed on the job search sites. These jobs, in the hidden jobs market, are often the best positions available. And because they don’t hit, craigslist and other job search sites, they attract fewer applicants. This increases your chances of landing an interview.

But how do you find these hidden jobs? Through networking.

This hasn’t changed, despite the downward spiral of the national economy. Those job hunters who spend the majority of their time networking with their contacts – scheduling lunch meetings with former bosses, sending e-mail messages to past co-workers and calling up their former clients – have always been the ones who boast the best odds of landing a new job, whether the economy is soaring or slumping.

How to Network

Many job hunters cringe when they hear the word “networking.” But networking is actually a simple task. It’s all about connecting with the people inside your business sphere of influence.

Just consider the large number of contacts who can help you land a job. Your former bosses, if you’re still on good terms with them, might know of colleagues who are retiring, moving to new companies, or opening their own businesses, something that might free up opportunities for you.

Your past clients might know of companies in your field that are actually expanding. Former co-workers, especially those in high-ranking positions, might be willing to write you letters of recommendation. They might even be able to introduce you personally to a key executive who is looking to grow his or her company.

Connecting with your contacts is the way, then, to find all those high-paying, interesting jobs that never hit the employment websites.

Making the Call

Starting your networking efforts, then, should be your primary job-hunting task. Fortunately, you only need to make some phone calls, send some e-mails, or post a message or two on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter to start the business-networking strategy moving.

And once you do start reconnecting with your business network, you might be surprised at how swiftly the job leads come in.

If you need advice on how to find a job, sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp today. Our career pros can provide you the job search advice you need in today’s market.

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