Running the Successful LinkedIn Job Search

The business-centered social media site LinkedIn receives plenty of praise from business professionals. The site, after all, allows managers, CEOs, accountants, lawyers, and other business professionals to network with each other, share career advice, and even gossip about the business world. But best of all, a LinkedIn job search might be the best way to find new work today.

But job seekers must first understand how to use LinkedIn properly before they can expect it the social media site to help them find a new job.

The LinkedIn Job Search

Get Hired Fast - linkedin job searchHere’s how this type of job search is supposed to work: You send a message to your LinkedIn business contacts saying that you’re looking for a job. You ask key members of your contacts to offer you job advice, introduce you to local business executives, or clue you in to any hot job leads that haven’t hit the newspaper classifieds or online job boards.

The leads are then supposed to come pouring in. One business contact knows of a company opening a new office in your city. Another knows of a company with soaring profits that is looking to add a new product line. Another is familiar with a company that after years of layoffs is finally ready to start hiring again.

That’s how LinkedIn is supposed to work for people conducting a job search. Unfortunately, it won’t work that you if you don’t understand how to properly use this social media site.

Ask the Right People for Help

The biggest mistake of LinkedIn job seekers? They don’t ask the right people for help.

They either ask friends who don’t rank high enough at their companies to offer much assistance, or they ask contacts with whom they’ve never before had an online conversation.

Consider that second scenario: Many LinkedIn users collect contacts like people collect friends on Facebook. They want the names and the numbers and they don’t put any work in developing a relationship with these contacts once they’ve nabbed them. This means that they don’t share career tips with these people or congratulate them when they’ve earned a promotion or taken on a new job. They don’t participate in business-related discussions with these contacts.

But then when they need help finding a new job, they suddenly start asking these contacts for help.

Why would these people help? What’s in it for them?

Relationship-Building Comes First

The truth about LinkedIn is that business professionals need to develop relationships with their contacts before they need their help for a job search. They need to steadily build trust among these contacts. And that’s something that takes time.

Until that trust is built, job seekers shouldn’t expect to receive too much job search help from their LinkedIn contacts.

If you need help forming the kind of business contacts that pay off when it’s time to find new employment, sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp. We’ll teach you the business networking skills that are so important in today’s hiring environment.

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