Social Media Job Search is Key, but Don’t Forget Old-Fashioned Networking

Get Hired Fast - social media job searchRunning a social media job search is one of the keys to landing new work today. But job seekers shouldn’t rely solely on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media sites to find a job. Old-fashioned in-person networking remains important, too.

Facebook, LinkedIn and the rest of the social media sites have taken some of the hard work out of networking. Today, job seekers can instantly ask their online business contacts for their help in landing a new job or for their job search advice.

But those job seekers who rely solely on an online job search will miss plenty of opportunities to land their dream jobs this year.

Why Networking Skills still Matter

Wondering how to get a job today? Networking skills are still the key. By networking with former bosses, past co-workers, local business leaders, and mentors from your college days, you can best crack the hidden job market, those jobs that are never advertised online or in print.

You might hear about a job opening three towns over from a former co-worker. One of your past bosses might personally introduce and recommend you to a hiring manager in your field. Another boss might be willing to write a sterling recommendation letter for you.

Sure, you can gain this help online from sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter. But your better chance of landing real job search help comes from in-person networking.


Schedule lunch meetings with past bosses and former co-workers. Attend business-after-hours events so that you can chat with local business leaders. Speak at philanthropic organizations that are frequently attended by the bigger names in your industry.

When you meet with important business people face-to-face, you increase your odds of learning something important about your industry, hearing about upcoming job openings, and gaining the personal recommendations and introductions that can lead to new jobs.

Face-to-face interaction is more personal than sharing messages on a social networking site. It leads to greater trust and, therefore, more help.

Turn Off the Computer

Our best job search advice? Turn off the computer every once in a while and pick up the phone. Schedule a meeting with a former co-worker or boss. You never know what positives might result from it.

If you need help brushing up on your networking skills, sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp. We’ll help you fine-tune this important job-seeking skill.

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