Social Media Job Search Remains Best Chance to Land New Work

Get Hired Fast - social media job searchJune’s jobs numbers didn’t excite anyone. The national unemployment rate didn’t budge from its 8.2 percent level and employers created less than 100,000 new jobs. This means that the hiring environment today is still a challenging one. It also means that conducting a social media job search should be one of your top priorities as you try to find a new job this year.

You’ve probably read in numerous career-advice columns that networking remains the best method of finding a job today. This is true. And thanks to the popularity of social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, networking has become easier than ever.

Social Media Networking

By using social media sites, you can instantly tell your business contacts – or all of your contacts if you wish – that you are looking for a new job. You might be surprised at the results this brings.

One of your contacts may know of a company nearby that is hiring again. Another may know of a firm that is opening a new office. Still another might send you a message about a company that is adding a new product line or service and needs new workers to spearhead their new projects.

Asking for Help through Social Media

These could turn into solid job leads. But this is only the beginning of how social media sites can help in your job hunting efforts.

You can also contact your business contacts directly through Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to ask them for help in your job search. Hopefully, you’ve built up strong relationships with a number of business leaders through these social media sites. If you have, the odds are good that they’ll be willing to help you land new work.

The Power of Social Media

A business contact might be willing to meet with you for lunch to provide advice on navigating today’s challenging jobs market. Another might agree to write you a personal letter of recommendation. A third might be willing to introduce you to a local executive who’s connected to the major players in your industry.

All of this help can assist you in your efforts to land those jobs that aren’t advertised on employment websites or listed in newspaper classified ads.

And this help, gained through the use of a social media job search, might also aid you in dramatically cutting down on the length of your job search.

If you need help tapping the power of social media sites, sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp. Our career pros can help you negotiate today’s challenging path to new jobs.

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