The Right Job Search Strategies for a Challenging Market

No one denies that this is the most challenging job market in decades. Every open job seems to attract hundreds of qualified applicants. But job seekers do have some good news: The right job search strategies can still boost their chances of landing a job, even in this difficult hiring environment.

Job seekers today need to remember just how important the basics are when looking for work.

Resume Tips

Your resume is often the first contact that a hiring manager has with you. This means that your resume has to stand out from the hundreds of others that managers are pouring through to fill their open positions.

Fortunately, there are many resume tips that you can follow to gain an edge. Make sure your resume highlights your career achievements. Too many people merely list where they’ve worked. Not enough list what they’ve done while at these companies.

Maybe the product line that you shepherded significantly boosted your previous employer’s bottom line. Maybe the vendor you found saved your firm thousands of dollars annually. Make sure to mention these feats in your resume. They’re sure to catch the attention of hiring managers.

Interview Etiquette Still Matters

Once you’re called in for an interview, it’s time to polish up those etiquette skills. All else being equal, employers want workers who are easy to get along with. If you’re polite at all times during the interview process, you’ll earn that label.

Get Hired Fast - job search strategies

What is proper interview etiquette? Show up at least 10 minutes early. Always wear business casual, no matter what the dress code is at the company for which you are interviewing. Arrive at your interview after already having done intensive research on the company. And be sure to ask some follow-up questions of your own once the interview wraps up.

And make sure to send “Thank-you” cards – actual cards, not an e-mail message – to everyone who hired you.

Social Media Edge

Finally, don’t forget to rely on social media tools such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter while you are job searching. With these sites, you can instantly tell your network of business associates that you are looking for a new job. You can ask for advice, letters of recommendation, and job leads all with a few well-written e-mail messages.

Knowing how to get a job today isn’t easy. If you need job search advice, sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp today. Our career counselors can provide a boost to your career search efforts.

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