Where to Search for Jobs Today? Everywhere

Get Hired Fast - where to search for jobsThe jobs market isn’t getting any easier to crack. Employers still face an avalanche of applications every time they advertise a job. And if the latest jobs numbers from the U.S. Department of Labor prove anything, it’s that this isn’t going to change any time soon. Want to know where to search for jobs? The short answer: Anywhere you can.

The Multi-Faceted Job Search

Today’s job seekers must treat their efforts to find a new job as a full-time occupation. They must also explore all avenues of finding new work, everything from tapping into social media sites to brushing up on their old-fashioned in-person networking skills to scouring the job search websites.

Finding a job can be an intimidating process today. But those who treat it as a full-time occupation, have the best chance of overcoming the odds and finding new work today.

Networking should be Your Priority

Networking with business contacts remains the single best way to land a job today. Former bosses might know of a company that is planning to expand. A past co-worker might know of a firm that’s adding a new service, and, because of this, needs to hire new workers.

Job seekers can also ask former bosses and local business leaders for letters of recommendation. If they’re fortunate, they might have a business contact who can directly introduce them to a hiring manager or a high-level executive.

Networking, then, is the best possible way for desperate job seekers to crack today’s competitive jobs market.

Social Media Boost

Social media – sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook – are important for job seekers, too. By using these sites, job seekers can instantly tell their business associates, friends, and family members that they are looking for a new job. This, too, can turn up hot job leads. A neighbor might actually be the brother-in-law of a manager at a growing business. A former co-worker might be willing to recommend you for an opening in your field one city over.

Online Job Boards

There are plenty of online job boards available to job seekers. Problem is thousands visit these boards on an hourly basis. This means that for every online job listing, hiring managers receive hundreds of resumes, many of them from qualified, skilled applicants. The odds, then, are low for job seekers who rely solely on employment websites to find a new job.

But that doesn’t mean that job seekers should ignore these employment sites. Those who are lucky might find the perfect job on one of them.

If you need help finding a job, sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp today. Our career counselors can guide you through the tricky hiring market.

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