Wondering how to Find a Job? Worrying About Finding a Career?

Get Hired Fast - how to find a jobWe can all agree that there is a big difference between a job and a career. A job is a means of paying your monthly rent or making your mortgage payments only. A career, though, not only covers your bills, but it also provides fulfillment. In a career, you are doing work that you enjoy, and you are taking steps to advance to higher-paying and more respected positions. The question is – are you looking for advice on how to find a job or how to find a career?

Let’s assume that you want to find a career, and not just a job. How do you go about this?

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy today. Unemployment across the nation still hovers higher than eight percent. There are hundreds of applicants for every employment posting. How do you stand apart from all those other applicants looking for a career?

The key? Sell yourself and focus on the benefits that you’ll bring to a company.

Marketing Yourself

Businesses today are overwhelmed with resumes every time they post a job listing on the employment websites and each time they place a classified ad in the newspapers.

Your job, then, is to set yourself apart from the hundreds of competitors who are also hoping to find a career.

Start this by creating a resume that highlights your career accomplishments, not just where you’ve worked and what your job titles were. You want your resume to show that you helped boost your company’s profits, saved it money, or helped it grow.

For instance, if you played a key role in developing a new product or service that increased your company’s annual bottom line, include that in your resume. If you chaired a committee that reduced your company’s operating expenses by thousands of dollars a year, list that, too. This is what potential employers want to see.

Sell Yourself During Your Interview

You also want to sell yourself during your job interview. This means researching the companies at which you want to work before your interviews and then prepare thoughtful answers to some of the most common interview questions. This way, when you’re standing before managers and executives, you’ll be armed with the information that will identify you as a strong and intelligent candidate.

Don’t forget, either, to promote your career accomplishments during your job interview. Don’t be afraid to spell out exactly how you have helped your previous employers succeed. Remember, you want to stand out from the crowd. Those job applicants with a history of actually making their companies more successful are few and far between.

The Benefits of Job Search Training

You might also benefit from job search training if you want to find a career today. You might consider signing up for our Get Hired Fast Boot Camp. Our career counselors can provide you job search advice on everything from where to search for jobs to how to best present yourself during a job interview.

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