Avoid These Three Mistakes when Looking for LinkedIn.com Jobs

August 23, 2012

Networking, Online Networking

Get Hired Fast - linkedin.com jobsThe social media site LinkedIn remains one of the most important tools for people who need help finding a job. A growing number of job seekers, in fact, are landing LinkedIn.com jobs today.

But this social media site, designed to allow people to quickly connect with a wide range of business professionals, also comes with pitfalls. Like other social media sites – places like Twitter, Google+ and Facebook –  LinkedIn can be used incorrectly. And when job seekers make LinkedIn mistakes, it could cost the chance to land a top job.

The Big LinkedIn Mistakes

NBC Channel 5 in Chicago recently highlighted an interesting blog post detailing the three biggest mistakes that LinkedIn users make. Try to avoid these if you want to also avoid irritating possible employers.

According to the blog post, too many job seekers fail to fill in the “summary” section of their LinkedIn profile. This can be costly to anyone interested in finding a job with the help of the site. That’s because the summary section gives job seekers the chance to write about themselves, their skills, insights, and positives. In other words, the summary section gives job seekers a chance to market themselves.

Make it Personal

The NBC blog also points out that too many people looking for a job fail to send personalized invitations to connect on LinkedIn. Instead, they send out generic messages to business people in their industry. These messages are easy to ignore. And LinkedIn invitations – and the connections that they can give job seekers – only pay off if they are actually answered.

A better way to go? Personalize those invitations. Tell people why you want to connect with them and what you might have in common. Make sure that people understand that you’ve thought about why you want to connect with them. That’ll result in many more accepted invitations.

Don’t Forget the Headshot

Finally, the Channel 5 blog recommends that job seekers always include a headshot with their profiles. This adds the personal touch, and when you’re searching for linkedin.com jobs, that personal touch is important.

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