Bolster Your Hiring Chances with a LinkedIn Social Media Job Search

Get Hired Fast - social media job searchThe odds of finding work today are daunting. The national unemployment rate remains above eight percent. In many major cities, this rate is even higher. Companies are inundated with, at times, hundreds of resumes every time they post an online job listing. Your odds of even getting hiring managers to open your resume are slim. That’s why you need to take advantage of every tool possible to land a new job, including conducting a professional social media job search.

Some of the best job sites are Twitter, Facebook and, of course, LinkedIn. These social media sites give you a powerful tool in your job search efforts – they let you communicate instantly with your entire network of business contacts. That’s an important change from the old days; before the rise of social media, you needed to make several phone calls or send a string of e-mail messages to your business contacts to receive their job search advice and, perhaps, their job leads.

Today, you can do this by sending just a few messages on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Social Media Matters

This is good news for you; if you need help finding a job, you can post a single message on LinkedIn or Facebook mentioning this. You might be surprised at how many of your business contacts reply, either with job search strategies, advice, job leads and invitations to connect you to important professionals in your field.

For instance, a former co-worker might send you a quick message mentioning that one of her fellow employees is moving across country. This might leave an open position for you. A former boss might know of someone in your field who is hiring.

Another business contact might agree to set up a meeting between you and an important executive in your field, while another might agree to write you a personalized letter of introduction.

All of this can help you stand apart from your job search competitors.


Social media can also help prepare you for a job interview. On LinkedIn, you can follow workers at specific companies, those firms at which you want to work. By following these employees, you can learn about a company’s culture, successes, and challenges. This allows you to enter an interview armed with detailed knowledge. This, too, might impress hiring managers.

Making a Name for Yourself

By participating in online discussions on LinkedIn, you might also impress employees and managers at companies in your field. If you add knowledgeable comments on a discussion about business ethics or marketing, you might impress an executive at an important company in your field.

Anything that can tag you as an expert in your field, as someone with important skills, can help in your job search efforts.

If you need more information about conducting a social media job search, sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp today. Our job pros will give you in-depth advice on mastering Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the rest.

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