Can Craigslist Really Help Me get a Job?

Get Hired Fast - help me get a jobHere’s what a lot of job hunters today are asking: “Can Craigslist really help me get a job?”

Fortunately, writer Eric Auld for lifehacker, attempted to answer this question. In a column for the Web site, he details what happened to him after he posted a false job listing on Craigslist.

The news isn’t good for anyone relying on Craigslist to make a professional career change.

An Onslaught of Resumes

The biggest news? Auld’s fake job listing, looking for an administrative assistant, generated 653 responses from job seekers in just one day.

What does this mean for you? Plenty. When you respond to a Craigslist job ad, you can expect to face immense competition from others wanting the same job. In fact, you should expect to compete with literally hundreds of candidates.

Just how likely do you think it is that human resources professionals or hiring managers will even open the e-mail message you send to them? This, of course, explains the silence most job applicants experience after sending in a resume in response to a Craigslist posting.

Qualified Candidates

And in even worse news for job seekers, most of the resumes that Auld received were from people qualified for the job. According to Auld, 76 percent of applicants came from people who had real experience in the field.

This means that job hunters can’t even take solace in the fact that most people who respond to Craigslist ads don’t know what they’re doing. In fact, most people do.

No wonder so many people today need help finding a job.

Networking is Key

The results of Auld’s study prove one thing: Job hunters can’t rely on online job boards to land new work today. Instead, they need to focus on networking with their business and personal contacts.

The best way to make a professional career change today is to gain a personal recommendation from an important business associate, get introduced to hiring managers from a business executive, or get a tip on a job opening that hasn’t yet hit the online job boards.

And these are things that you can only get from networking.

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