Don’t Ask, “Where to Search for Jobs.” Ask, “How to Search for a Job”

Get Hired Fast - where to search for jobsToo many job seekers today are focused on where to search for jobs. What they should be doing is refining how they search for a job. And one way for job seekers to gain an advantage over their competitors is to brand themselves.

People usually think of branding as something that big companies do to gain a recognizable identity. But branding can actually work for job seekers, too. Those job seekers who turn themselves into a recognizable brand will boost their chances to find new work this year.

Personal Branding

Marc Cenedella, a columnist writing for The Ladders, a popular job-search website, recently provided several branding tips for those struggling to find a job in today’s tough economy. Cenedella says that his tips will give those trying to make a job change an advantage in attracting the attention of human resources professionals and recruiters.

First, Cenedella cites the power of a professional headshot, something that’s especially important in today’s Internet age.

Today’s hiring managers respond better when they can attach a face to the name of a job candidate. And, as Cenedella says, recruiters are far less likely to click on a LinkedIn profile if that profile doesn’t come with a photo attached. You might be shy about including your photo on your LinkedIn page or on your personal blog, but don’t be. Recruiters want to see the people whom they’re considering hiring.

Seek Out Online Praise

One way to build your own brand is to seek out positive recommendations from your network of business associates. If these associates post these comments on your LinkedIn page, personal website, or on sites such as BranchOut and, you’ll look better to hiring managers.

Don’t think that human resources professionals and recruiters don’t check up on you online. They do, and the more positive comments they find about you, the better.

Use Video to Stand Out

Cenedella aslo points to video as a way for job seekers to stand out and build a brand. Create a professional – “professional” being the key word – video that highlights your career accomplishments and skills. Cenedella recommends that job seekers don’t do this on their own; they need to hire a professional video company if they want to create a professional biography video.

For more help on where to search for jobs, participate in one of our Get Hired Boot Camps and start rebranding yourself today to find a new job tomorrow.

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