How Not to Conduct a Social Media Job Search

Get Hired Fast - social media job searchSocial media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter give today’s job seekers an invaluable tool in their efforts to find employment. By conducting a social media job search, today’s job hunters can instantly connect with their network of business and personal contacts. With just one message, they can tell hundreds of people that they are looking for work, and the odds are good that at least some of these people will share with them possible job leads.

Through social media sites, job hunters can also schedule meetings with former bosses and co-workers, follow employees who are working at specific companies and share job hunting tips with others who want information on how to job search.

But a social media job search, for all its benefits, can also cause problems. That’s because too many job hunters forget the importance of professionalism when it comes to posting comments on Twitter, Facebook and, to a lesser degree, LinkedIn.

The Comments You Regret

Job applicants need to know that companies will research them. If they receive a resume from a potential hire, they’ll immediately search online for any information they can find.

And if these companies find off-color jokes, insensitive comments, or embarrassing photos on Facebook or Twitter, they might just move on to the resume of the next qualified individual.

That’s why it’s so important for job seekers to always conduct themselves professionally on social media sites when they are looking for work.

No Party Pictures

And this applies just as much to photos as it does to work. Potential employers don’t want to see a photo of potential employees clutching beer bottles in each hand. They don’t want to see their possible employees passed out on a friend’s couch.

If such photos exist, job seekers need to remove from them from social media sites instantly.

Job hunters should do the same when it comes to their social media comments. Any comments that would reflect badly on them, or that display a lack of professionalism, should be eliminated.

Don’t Waste the Power of Social Media

That being said, it’s important for job hunters today to use every tool available to them in their efforts to find a job. Companies have plenty of choices when it comes to filling their open positions. To better their odds, job hunters have to rely on all avenues for finding work, including networking through the most important social media sites.

If you need advice on how to conduct a professional social media job search, or tips on how to find jobs, sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp today. Our job pros will give you the tools you need to conduct your best possible job search.

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