Is Video the Answer to the “Help Me Find a Job” Lament?

August 8, 2012

Job Hunt, Résumé, Video Resume

Are you asking, “Can anyone help me find a job?” Maybe that’s the wrong question. Maybe you need to be asking, “What can I do to set myself apart from other job seekers?”

The answer? Try creating a video resume.

The Video Resume

Get Hired Fast - help me find a job

Thanks the rise of social media and the power of YouTube, it’s easier than ever for job hunters to create personalized videos that highlight their work strengths and experiences and post them to YouTube.

It’s just as easy for job hunters to send these video resumes to the companies for which they want to work. Applicants can attach their videos to their Facebook pages and direct hiring managers to these pages. Or they can send Tweets to important business professionals that contain links to the video resumes.

Making a Difference

A video resume is just one more tool that job seekers can rely on when trying to make a professional job change. It can also be an important part of the social media job search that every serious job hunter needs to employ when searching for work.

Hiring managers today receive hundreds of resumes for their job postings. It’s hard for even the most skilled of candidates to stand apart from all this competition. A video resume, though, can help.

With the right video resume, job seekers can highlight not only their skills and experience, but also their personalities. A video resume can also help hiring managers put a face on the candidates seeking work from them, and that can pay off when executives are deciding whom to call in for job interviews.

Make it Professional

Of course, video resumes come with potential pitfalls, too. You don’t want to make a video resume that looks unprofessional or silly. This will turn off executives and managers.

So look as professional as possible. Dress as if you were at work. Make sure to film your video in a neutral location, not one filled with posters or personal items. And make sure your video is short and to the point: Tell recruiters and hiring managers why you’re the right person for their open job, and then sign off.

If you need help creating a video resume or formulating a job search strategy, sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp. Our career counselors can help you find that perfect position.

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