jobs a boon to seniors, too

August 24, 2012

Changing Careers, Job Hunt

Get Hired Fast - jobsWhen you picture the typical LinkedIn user, what image springs to mind? Do you see a 20-something college grad scouring jobs in an effort at finding a career? Or maybe you imagine a 40-something manager making the connections she needs to land that next job on the career ladder?

But what about senior citizens? It might come as a surprise, but a growing number of older Americans are using LinkedIn, too, in an effort to find their own new jobs.

Hi-Tech Seniors

A recent story by USA Today highlighted a new joint program by AARP – the massive lobbying group for senior citizens – and LinkedIn. According to the story, these two entities are joining forces to help teach senior citizens the basics of navigating the Web as a way of finding a job.

The joint program, known as Work Reimagined, is yet more evidence that all workers, regardless of their age, need to become proficient at both social media and the Web to find the best jobs today.

Social Media Networking

Sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and Facebook give all U.S. job seekers, regardless of age, the chance to engage in high-tech networking. Through the sites, job hunters can connect instantly with their business contacts and ask for job search advice and job search strategies. They can set up business meetings with former bosses and ask past college professors for personalized job recommendations.

These networking strategies, in fact, can help job seekers crack the hidden job market – those jobs that never make it to even the best employment websites. And when jobs aren’t advertised, those applying for them face far less daunting odds of at least landing a job interview.

Seniors not Excluded

Many senior citizens are looking for their own jobs today. After all, many seniors have lost jobs in their late 50s and early 60s. To gain the confidence of hiring managers, they need to demonstrate that they, too, can master today’s high-tech world.

That’s why the AARP and LinkedIn joint program is so important. It can help ensure that today’s senior citizens remain a viable force in the work world.

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