Not Sure how to Find a Job? Consider Job Search Training

August 28, 2012

Job Hunt, Recruiters

Get Hired Fast - how to find a jobWondering how to find a job in today’s challenging employment market? You’re far from alone. The national unemployment stubbornly refuses to fall below eight percent. There are millions of people, then, all looking for jobs, just like you.

The problem is this creates a lot of competition for every job opening that shows up on online job boards or in your newspaper’s classified section. If you want to beat out the hundreds of qualified applicants that swarm to every open job, you’ll need every tool at your disposal.

This could include job search training.

The Booming Business of Career Counselors

While many industries have suffered during these challenging economic times, one career is booming: that of career counselor.

This makes sense. Job hunters, even those who are qualified, have spent hours networking and have tweaked their resumes dozens of times, are frustrated today. Finding a job is simply a daunting task for even the most skilled of professionals.

Job search training offers at least a glimmer of hope. Career counselors might have some job search advice that can help shorten the time it takes to make a professional job search today.

Watch Out for the Scammers

Unfortunately, many people call themselves career counselors without either the credentials or experience needed to truly help job seekers. If you’re interested in working with a career counselor, be sure to ask the right questions.

For instance, your counselor should be licensed to do business in your state. Ideally, a career counselor will have a master’s degree from a reputable university, something that the Bureau of Labor Statistics recommends.

Make sure, too, that your career counselor is experienced and has actually helped people find jobs in today’s tough economy. You’ll want to check with references and ask them what steps a counselor took to help their job search.

The Work Career Counselors Do

Effective career counselors will help you with everything from crafting a stand-out resume to boosting your networking skills. They’ll help you find open positions in the hidden job market and provide you with strategies to shine during job interviews.

Career counselors will also help you brand yourself, giving you definitive selling points to emphasis while applying for jobs and during job interviews.

If you’re interested in job search training, consider signing up for our Get Hired Boot Camp. Our skilled and knowledge job search specialists might be the answer if you need help finding a job.

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