Running Out of Job Search Strategies? Consider Hiring a Recruiter

August 9, 2012

Job Hunt, Recruiters

Get Hired Fast - job search strategiesYou’ve exhausted the typical job search strategies. You spend hours each day networking. You’ve crafted compelling answers to the most common interview questions. You’ve created a resume that lists your career achievements rather than just your career stops. And you’re using such sites as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to promote yourself and your skills.

But still, your efforts to make an executive career change are stuck in neutral. You simply aren’t receiving the job offers.

It might be time, then, to work with a recruiter.

The Recruiter Advantage

A recruiter will handle much of the work of a job search for you. If you need help finding a job, a skilled recruiter might be the extra tool you’ve been looking for.

The best recruiters learn your skills and experience level. They interview you to determine what jobs you’d most like to nab. And they then rely on their connections to link you with the jobs that they think are the best fit for you.

Finding the Right Recruiter

A recruiter, then, might be able to give your job search a real boost, and might be able to connect you with job opportunities that you didn’t even know existed.

But recruiters are not free. They’ll charge you a fee for their service, and this fee isn’t often inexpensive. This means that you want to find the absolute best recruiter for you.

Start by interviewing several recruiters. Ask these recruiters about their experience, how many people they’ve helped land jobs, and whether they’ve had success finding employment for people in your field.

Ask, too, for a complete fee structure from every recruiter you interview. And ask what strategies these recruiters will take to land you your next job.


Finally, ask recruiters for references of past customers – then call these customers. Ask them if a recruiter was able to find them a job. Ask if the job they did find them was a good one. And ask, too, whether their recruiters were easy to get on the phone or whether they responded quickly to e-mail questions.

You want to work with a recruiter who eliminates the stress of a job search. Do your homework and you’ll boost your chances of finding the right person for this job.

If you need additional job search advice, or if you want specific advice on finding a recruiter, sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp today.

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