Search for a Job not Going Well? It’s Time to Adapt

August 15, 2012

Job Hunt, Paper Resume, Résumé

Get Hired Fast - search for a jobIs your search for a job at a dead end? Are you no longer nabbing job interviews? Are you hearing nothing back from the dozens of resumes you’ve sent to potential employers?

If so, it might be time to adapt your job hunting strategy.

And writer Hannah Morgan with U.S. News & World Report provides one good option: It’s time to rework that resume and cover letter.

Job Requirements

Morgan recommends that job seekers spend the extra time necessary to send out personalized resumes and cover letters that truly address the requirements of each job posting.

These individualized resumes might stand out from the stack of form resumes – most job seekers send out the same resume for every online job posting they see – that has piled up on the desks of hiring managers. And any move you make that sets you apart from your competitors is a smart move.

Study the Job Listing

To properly create a personalized resume and cover letter, you must first study a job posting carefully. Take a close look at the key skill sets and experience companies are looking for. Pick out any technical terms and technology listed in the posting.

To grab the attention of hiring managers, you need to include these specific words in your summary of qualifications, Morgan writes. You also need to include them in your list of career accomplishments.

The Right Cover Letter

Your cover letter, too, can make the difference between success and failure when you are looking for a job. Again, you want to tailor your cover letter to each specific job for which you apply.

This again requires you to study a job posting and to pick out key words. Include these words in your cover letter, especially those relating to technology and skill sets.

Make sure, too, that your cover letters spells out exactly why you want to work at a particular company. As Morgan writes, you want potential employers to know immediately after reading your cover letter why you would make the perfect fit for their open jobs.

Remember, no two job postings are alike. As Morgan writes, you should target all of these unique job postings with resumes and cover letters that are just as individualized.

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