Some Odd Suggestions on How to Find a Job

August 1, 2012

Job Hunt, Personal Branding

Get Hired Fast - how to find a jobThese are tough times for job hunting. It’s not surprising, then, that some job seekers are resorting to some strange tactics for finding a job. If you’re wondering how to find a job in today’s tough economy, you might get at least a chuckle – or maybe the seed of an idea – from a recent AdAge story on the more bizarre strategies people are using to find work today.

AdAge writer B.L. Ochman, the author of the story, pointed to an advertising executive who recently purchased six ads on Google that simply said “Hey …” followed by the name of an industry creative director.

What happened next? When these six creative directors performed a Google search on their own names – as we all do – they found that the top paid result was the ad executive’s message. The message was simple: “Hey (ad executive). Googling yourself is a lot of fun. Hiring me is fun, too.”

The results: According to the AdAge story, the executive received four interviews and two job offers.

Creative ways to find a job might not help everyone, but it certainly paid off for the ad exec who is now working at his new position.

Seeking Outside Help

Sometimes, seeking outside help is a key way to find employment. Ochman also writes about popular blogger Sarah Evans, who posted a call on social networks for job hunters whom she could profile. She received more than 50 applicants and chose three to highlight on her blog.

One of these three job hunters has since landed a job.

Free Advice

Ochman’s story also included an anecdote from a chief executive officer who said he hired a programmer after this tech guru discovered an error on his company’s site and then explained how to fix it.

The chief executive officer was impressed by both the man’s technical skills and his confidence. This combination made him the company’s newest hire.

A Bit of Humor

Finding a job can be a grim task. Often, so is filling open positions. Hiring managers, then, enjoy a good laugh. And the people who make them laugh might gain an edge in the hiring process.

Consider Ochman’s story of a job hunter who wanted to work at a specific firm. He created a Web site with an “About Me” page that states boldly that he wanted to work at the company. His home page reads, “So I’ve noticed that Mike Freeman doesn’t work for you guys yet. Let’s fix that.”

The tactic worked, and Freeman is now an employee at the company he targeted.

A solid resume, good experience, and networking are still the keys to successful job hunting today. But sometimes, taking that extra, perhaps unusual, step can be the one thing that sets you apart from the many competitors for today’s open jobs.

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