The Best Job Search Strategies Won’t Help if Your Job Search is Disorganized

August 10, 2012

Job Hunt

Get Hired Fast - job search strategiesYou might be following the best job search strategies, but if you’re not conducting a job search that is organized or efficient, the odds aren’t strong that you’ll land a job today.

That’s because today’s job market is extremely competitive, with companies receiving dozens to hundreds of resumes for every open job they advertise.

If you are looking for a job today, make sure that you conduct a well-organized job search.

Structuring Your Day

The Web site Mashable recently ran a column by Jayne Mattson, a Senior Vice President at the career management firm Keystone Associates, that pointed out how important it is for job seekers to structure their days properly.

Those looking for a job can’t expect to land one if they roll out of bed when they feel like it and don’t hit the showers until noon. The best approach for the unemployed is to treat finding a job as their actually job.

Mattson recommends that job hunters set their alarm clocks for the same time at which they’d get up if they were heading into the office. They should then maintain the same morning routine that they followed when they were employed, everything from eating a quick, healthy breakfast and scanning the morning newspaper to taking the kids to the bus stop to jumping in the shower.

The more routine and normalcy you can keep in your schedule, the better focused you’ll be on looking for a job.

The Home Office

Mattson also recommends that job seekers dress professionally. This means no sweat pants, jeans or pajamas. As Mattson writes, you never know who you’ll run into during your day’s job-searching activities.

You should also go to an office every day. This can be a home office – an area in your home devoted to your job search efforts – or outside space that you are renting. You need to go to this office every weekday. It’s the best way to add structure to your job search day.

Job Search Strategies

Finally, Mattson advises job seekers to list the strategies that they’ll use to find new work and follow those strategies every day. If you want to rely on job fairs, networking, and social media to land your new job, make sure to list these strategies and check off how much time you devote to each one every day.

Mattson recommends that you be specific. Who did you call during the day? What networking events did you attend last week? What online job boards did you visit? To whom did you send a networking e-mail?

This sounds like work. But that’s because it is: Your job now is to find a job.

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